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Is skin really evil, is flesh as on real human bodies just wicked, in-itself? Or is it the behavior and the impulse behind our actions, its spirit, that may be evil. For instance
Doctors, nurses, surgeons and anatomists, coroner, undertakers, models and life
drawing artists see nude bodies every day. Is any of this bad, evil or foully
sinful? Yet statistics show that doctors and Pastors have around the same percentage (64%), in America, who have had affairs with their clients or vulnerable parishioners; so are life drawing artists really really evil people? In some particular sense over and above others; somehow above, and ranking with, prostitutes, strippers and criminals? Yet consider the following from a biblical perspective.

Adam and Eve were nude. All are nude when we are born and when we die; to the gaze of others. We are nude to ourselves when bathing. Isaiah the prophet walked naked in Egypt for three whole years. Jesus was naked on the cross (only art, traditions of men and established sentiments clothe him) -for shame, as the Romans displayed all their
prisoners. He became sin for us; just as conventional doctrine teaches.
Prostitutes were in his geneology, the Magdalene attended him, the woman caught in the act was nude; totally. Bathsheba was nude bathing on the rooftops.Yet Christ is the son of David who desired her. Rahab, the prostitute, is in Christs geneology. Prophets cohabited with prostitutes like Gomer and Hosea.

Consider closely that prostitution is best plied nude and is legal in this country.

Some have thought sex the original sin but scripture clearly states rebellion is. Is flesh evil, eating it, like in non-vegetarianism? Or just having skin makes us evil? That is weird, perverse and sick. Surely spiritual adultery -preaching mixed wrong doctrine is worse; as is spiritual fornication mixing false doctrine with corruptions;and spiritual masturbation is the every-Sunday-sin of preaching good news to-those-who-have-already-heard-good-news, surely the most pointless activity on the planet, being paid a hefty hired-shepherds wages for so doing, SURELY that is far far worse than ANY of the above.

Albeit fornication is a fault for New Zealand (the penalty we pay is; the earth shall disgorge its inhabitants) and has well known health risks.

Yet the bible relates that only to an equivalence to 'eating meat offered to idols' within the church. Hardly a major problem. The Bible doctrines are far more realistic than our attitude to flesh, sin (of others) and skin. Isn't it true that to the pure ALL things are pure. The in-house sins of the church are bestial in comparison. The salt and light is often sugary sweet and dimmest darkness. Judgement begins at the church. Make sure your doctrines are pure. Bodily purity is a false corridor, spiritual purity within is what matters; please consider Samson a fleshly suicide yet a GODLY man if ever there was one. He'll welcome us to heaven, all the blood bought sinners who love God. Many are the lawyers and so called 'good' people will be firmly rejected at that point. As always the Bible is more earthy on all these matters than conventional 'christians' know; one is almost tempted to the view that it is Christianity that is the anti-Christ, so poor a job they do in delving into the deep doctrines of the anointed one. ' -Phillip O'Sullivan

a picture so great about thousand naked men

A few drawer nudes so sexy and romance

Male nude posters plaster Vienna, draw complaints

VIENNA (AP) — Naked men of all sizes and shapes are appearing on Vienna kiosks as a prestigious museum kicks off an exhibit of male nudity.

But outside the exhibition, organizers are being forced into cover-up mode after a storm of complaints that the ad posters are offensive.

In a show titled ‘‘Nude Men from 1800 to Today,’’ the Leopold Museum opened its doors Friday to examine how artists have dealt with the theme of male nudity over the centuries.

‘‘Mr. Big’’ — a four-meter (more than 12-foot) high full-frontal photo mounted on plywood and depicting a naked young man in an indolent sprawl — is set up near the show’s entrance, lest there be any doubt what visitors are about to see.

Inside, around 300 art works are on display — including the controversial photograph that is raising the ire of Viennese. Created by French artists Pierre & Gilles, ‘‘Vive La France’’ shows three young, athletic men of different races wearing nothing but blue, white and red socks and soccer shoes.

No visitors were complaining Friday as they filed past that photo and even more graphic examples of male nudity, including some depicted in sex acts.

‘‘I've seen worse on late-night TV,’’ said Franz Steiner, 27, as he left the show.

Not so in the city. Posters of the three men were given impromptu fig-leafs — lines of red tape covering their private parts.

The complaints clearly caught the museum by surprise. Vienna’s turn-of-the-century decadence allowed erotic artists such as Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt to flourish, and has turned these days into complacent acceptance of displays of the flesh. Today, lingerie ads are racy and one popular daily paper regularly features pictures of half-naked women.

Vienna’s public transport system reacted laconically earlier this week to reports that a young woman on a downtown subway line was dressed in nothing but knee-high boots.

‘‘We know that everyone has a different temperature comfort zone,’’ the agency said in a statement. ‘‘But we do not think that our subways are so warm that one has to get undressed.’’

But there seems to be less tolerance for shows of male nudity. Museum officials say they received a flood of complaints by last week, mostly from outlying districts heavily populated by new immigrants from Muslim countries.

Museum director Tobias Natter says the flap serves to point out ‘‘that nobody gets offended by naked women, but with naked men: yes.’’

A poster near a school was also removed when parents complained.

‘‘I can understand women with children who think that this is too wild, when the kids keep asking questions,’’ said Susanne Eigner, a woman her 20s standing next to a still-uncovered poster.

But other reactions were positive.

‘‘I like that we get to see naked men for a change,’’ said Veronika Kren, as she paused from pushing her bike laden with groceries. ‘‘We have to look at naked women all the time and now I find it quite interesting to see something different — and especially the reaction of the men.’’

The museum is making the most of the controversy. Natter says he hopes the poster will spark lively debate.

"Some people will say, ‘What a shame. I want to see what’s under that,'’’ he said about the red tape. ‘‘Others will say, ‘Let’s go the museum. There we can see the original.’ And some will say, ‘That’s good. I don’t want to see that in the public space.’

‘‘It’s about making people aware.’’

Nude models are top draw at art exhibition

The country had no filmmaking culture under Gaddafi; just a propaganda machine. Days after a film sparked violence across Libya, Steve Rose witnesses the budding of a national cinema.

Two nude models, one male, one female, were the undisputed focus of about 100 pairs of eyes in an exhibition room at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre yesterday.

Despite a display of scores of paintings and pictures of nude subjects, the audience of mostly middle-aged men was intent on seeing the drawing of nude models.

The room was mostly quiet except for the sound of pens rendering their subjects on paper. The models changed posture every five minutes to allow artists to experiment with new aspects of the human body.

However, a few youngsters were heard muttering and laughing as one posture was described as Olympic style.

Simon Cheung, model and chairman of the Body Arts Association, said he was happy the exhibition was being held in Hong Kong, because successfully applying for a venue for the event was not easy.

'It is not easy to organise an exhibition about nude arts,' he said. 'We have tried so many times to apply for a venue and our applications are always classed by the administration as unsuitable. Our application succeeded finally when I said that I would seek a judicial review.'

The last nude art exhibition in Hong Kong occurred eight years ago in the Sheung Wan Cultural Centre, although the models wore masks.

Mr Cheung said he was happy that nearly 70 per cent of visitors were not members of the association.

Winson Ngai, a student of photography at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, said: 'It is just difficult to see nude arts in Hong Kong. We have to go to the mainland for nude picture lessons.'

Another patron, Bill Wong, agreed that nudity was a difficult issue. 'I enjoy a nude boat party, but it is just difficult to have one in Hong Kong,' he said. 'Overseas, there are places for nudity, but in Hong Kong, you are going to be in trouble if you are found nude on a boat.'

Fiona Ng, the female model, has been a nude model for more 10 years and enjoys the support of her family and boyfriend. Although not embarrassed to go naked in front of 100 strangers, she chose to hide her face yesterday. 'When I model nude for a professional drawing class, I don't cover my face,' she said. 'But at a public exhibition, it is better to hide my face as I don't know how the public will use the pictures they take.'

Vitruvian Man 1490

Drawing Title: Vitruvian Man, 1490Leonardo da Vinci
Famous Italian Artist - Renaissance

The Virtruvian Man has also been referred to as "Canon of Proportions" or the "Proportions of Man". The image and accompanying text of the Virtruvian man displays the understanding that Leonardo had of the proportions of man. The artist used the theories of the Roman architect Vitruvius, calculating the proportion of the perfect male figure. The text above and below the drawing is written in Mirror writing by Leonardo.

Text from The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci
From the roots of his hair to the bottom of his chin is 1/10 of a man's height; from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head is 1/8 of his height; from the top of the breast to the roots of the hair will be the 7th part of the whole man. From the nipples to the top of the head will be the 4th part of man. The greatest width of the shoulders contains in itself the 4th part of man. From the elbow to the tip of the hand will be the 5th part of a man; and from the elbow to the angle of the armpit will be the 8th part of man. The whole hand will be the 10th part of the man. The distance from the bottom of the chin to the nose and from the roots of the hair to the eyebrows is, in each case the same, and like the ear, a third of the face.

About Lucian Frued Big Sue Painting

Painting Title: Benefits Supervisor Sleeping - 1995

About the "Benefits Supervisor Sleeping" Lucian Freud Painting
When the Benefits Supervisor Sleeping painting sold at a Christies auction in New York on May 13, 2008 it became the most expensive painting in the world by a living artist to be sold at auction. The large female nude reclining on a couch which was nicknamed "Big Sue" by the media realized a price of $33,641,000 USD.

Pilar Ordovas of Christie's art auction said Freud's appeal is"completely global and completely timeless. He appeals to both contemporary art lovers and collectors of Old Masters. He has clearly made a huge contribution to the history of art of the 20th century, and his output is quite small, perhaps producing just five paintings a year."

Detail of the Benefits Supervisor Sleeping painting..

The subject of the painting Sue Tilley said "The first couple of times, I was a bit embarrassed but you get used to it. It's a bit weird to think that a picture of me could be worth so much money." 

Charlotte Higgins from the Guardian newspaper in the UK described the painting as "Abundantly, gloriously fleshy, the paint gathered in great gobs and whorls, the detail of the skin tone picked out in loving, virtuosic detail, Lucian Freud's Benefits Supervisor Sleeping is a mighty thing, in every possible sense"